The Appeal of The Gunmetal Ridge Wallet: The Complete Wallet 2023

Let us delve into the features and benefits of the Gunmetal Ridge Wallet, shedding light on why it’s worth considering, even with its higher price tag compared to conventional leather wallets.

Gunmetal Ridge Wallet

So years ago i got rid of my big bulky leather wallet. It was just too big and I had a tendency to put too many things in it just because it could hold all.

Every traditional leather wallet i have ever owned has sucked. Maybe because it is usually some $20 to $30 pseudo leather wallet from some clearance aisle that looks half decent. But they almost never hold up too long.

And every time I put it in my back pocket it made me lean a little bit to the side and this wasn’t good at all. So that is when I decided to start looking into an alternative style wallet. So looking online and checking out some reviews, I came across the ridge wallet. A lot of people were saying that it is the best wallet out right now.

Now I got really curious when my favorite youtubers were pushing this metal wallet called the ridge wallet. And this is when I knew that I had to get one. After owning the ridge wallet, the main question you need an answer to is that “Can a tiny slab of metal be a decent wallet?”

And now after using the ridge wallet, I can say honestly that it might really be one the best wallets you can have right now.

Exploring the Aluminum Gunmetal Ridge Wallet

Ridge Wallet Variety

The ridge wallet come in different prices depending on what you want

  • The cheapest aluminum models start at $75
  • The titanium models cost $105
  • and the carbon fiber models cost $125

They also come in plenty of different colors for each variant as well.

Even though these wallets are in a higher price category than a normal leather wallet, spending all that money helps you lighten your wallet significantly.

Unboxing the Gunmetal Ridge Wallet

When you open the box, you can see that it comes with a little ridge wallet card, the wallet, and a little screwdriver. My initial reaction to the ridge wallet was WOW!! Just how well it’s made is really stunning. Just from the initial looks itself, you can tell that this is a very nice and very high quality product.

Here we have the Aluminum Gunmetal Ridge Wallet. This is one of the best sold models of the ridge wallet.

If you are just starting to shift from your normal wallet, you don’t actually have to go for the higher price models in the beginning. Just try out an aluminium variant.

It is made of anodized aluminium and there’s 14 stainless screws holding this. There are two plates held together by these 14 screws, seven on each side.

Customization and Maintenance

When you remove these screws you can then replace the elastic if it is too old or switch your cash strap for a money clip or vice versa. you could technically replace the plate with a different one if you own more than two ridge wallets.

For instance, you can swap the plates to of the gunmetal ridge wallet to white aluminium one if that is the style, you want. And that is why they have included a little screwdriver in the box. If any of the screws got loose, all you got to do is just tighten them up.

The only problem I see with a plate swap is that you have to buy a second or third wallet just to change out the plates and that gets really expensive.

Sturdy Construction and Design

The plates in this gunmetal ridge wallet are sandwiched beneath the exterior finish. The sides of these plates that touch your cards are super smooth and very slightly inclined which let the cards slide smoothly in and out of the wallet. The wall of this wallet is sturdy with no noticeable flex or bending especially when I put force into it.

The gumetal ridge wallet exterior which is Aluminium has a texture that feels like the exterior of a metallic hydro flask.

They have included this little Ridge card which looks like a credit card but it is the size of one you generally use. It has instructions on the back and it kind of tells you

  • How to insert a card.
  • How to access a card and
  • How to access one of the middle cards once you fill the wallet.

Card Organization and Accessibility

Gunmetal ridge wallet

You can see that it is basically made of two plates which are held by one piece of elastic that is inside on both sides and the bottom so they don’t fall out.

The wallet opens along the longer side and it is super easy if you just want to put one single card in. There is no danger of anything falling out because of the elastic even if I put only one card inside. They say that the ridge wallet can hold up to 15 cards.

In my experience, you definitely carry up to 8 cards very comfortably and there would still be a lot of room left.

It is just so thin and light to carry around that sometimes over the last month when i have been carrying this in my pocket i kind of forgot that I was carrying a wallet with me, because it is no bigger than an actual credit card itself.

Now that’s all about holding cards. Now to carry money, the ridge wallet offers to solutions, either
a metallic clip or an elastic strap.

Managing Cash with the Ridge Wallet

The Gunmetal ridge wallet that I have got is one with a clip and you can see that these clips don’t just stretch out easily, in fact it’s hard to even press in there. And this is because you want all your money to be held just as securely as the cards have been held inside this wallet.

Durability And RFID Blocking

Since this Gunmetal Ridge wallet is so well made, even if you put the wallet along with any type coins in your pocket, there won’t be a any scratch on the surface. These wallets are made for long time use and it would take you years to wear through any of the components present in this ridge wallet.

Additionally this Gunmetal ridge wallets also have the RFID blocking build in, which is kind of a must need these days but regardless is really hard to find in a normal wallet. Without this feature somebody can just come and scan your cards and steal your information.

How to take out cards from the Gunmetal Ridge Wallet?

Now to take out the cards off the wallet what you should do is press below the wallet to just pop up the cards and you just squeeze the bottom of the wallet and all the cards would just spread out. It is definitely easy to take out the cards placed at the ends, and this is definitely where you should place your most used cards.

So the cards used less frequently should be shifted towards the center of the stack. The shift from using a traditional wallet to a Gunmetal ridge wallet has been smooth for me even though it was a little frustrating at first to figure out how to quickly stick out the card I need on different occasions.

So now when you take your cards out, you push the bottom of the cards up from a little cutout on the wallet. Then if you are looking for a particular card, you have to swipe each one aside as if you’re looking for your favorite Pokemon card.

It would take you just as long or longer than a normal wallet to pull out the card you need and put the wallet away which is not ideal if you’re sitting in a fast food drive through and you feel rushed to pull out a card. But the form factor does have its advantages.

Since it is small and compact and can be kept in areas that a normal wallet can’t be kept, it makes the whole taking out and paying process much more faster.

There are definitely some negatives about this thing but I think the positives outweigh the negatives. And I am actually pretty happy that it does have a lifetime guarantee that is mentioned on their website as well.


In a world dominated by chunky leather billfolds, the Ridge Wallet shines as a symbol of simplicity and efficiency. Its meticulously crafted design, available in various materials and colors, exudes quality and durability. While the initial adjustment to its card retrieval method may require some patience, the benefits of its compact form factor, secure card and cash storage, and RFID-blocking capability outweigh any minor inconveniences.

Moreover, the Ridge Wallet’s lifetime guarantee is a testament to its longevity and reliability. While it may come at a higher cost than traditional wallets, the investment pays off in terms of comfort, convenience, and peace of mind. After making the switch, I can confidently say that the Ridge Wallet is a worthy addition to anyone’s everyday carry, offering a refreshing departure from the bulky and outdated norm of traditional wallets.

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