Marc Jacobs Tote Bag Sizes 2023: Intriguing Variations and Fabulous Features

An example of how Marc Jacobs Tote bags come in different sizes
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If you’ve been thinking about buying a Marc Jacobs tote bag, this is the place for you because I’ve got all the sizes to show you. Generally, tote bags come in so many different variations and that is why they’re so popular. They come in leather, canvas, mesh, sequence, and teddy fabric. The latest one has a woven-raffia effect mixed in with leather. So, it’s more like you name it, they’ve done it. The price points are amazing and honestly, they’re really really great bags. 

So, the Marc Jacobs tote bags come in five sizes: Micro, Mini, Medium, Large and Extra Large. If you go on their website, it only lists four but there is an extra-large tote bag which is seasonal. Due of their popularity, the first four size variations will be covered in this article.

The Marc Jacobs Micro Tote Bag

So, the micro size is super cute. It is a tiny bag, but it fits all your essentials and more. It does also come with a removable shoulder strap. And just so you know, the canvas versions do not come with a Marc Jacobs dust bag, only the leather ones do.  

Features and Comparisons

When you compare the interior, the main difference between the micro and the mini is that:

  • In micro, there are no internal Pockets. This is really the biggest difference because all the leather versions, whether it is the mini, medium, large or even the extra-large, they all come with internal pockets.
  • Another thing to note about the micro size is that every single one of them has a zipper. An incredibly fluid zipper. It does have a long tail but unlike the bigger models, here the zipper does not have a magnetic tab.

But as the tail tucks in perfectly into the side strap, it is not necessarily a huge con.

  • Also, it is interesting to note that the micro tote bags do not come in canvas material as like all the other sizes. 
  • The mini comes in so many different colors and it looks great as a shoulder bag or as a crossbody bag.
  • You can also wear it on the crook of your arm though the strap drop is much smaller compared to the mini.  

What fits in the Marc Jacobs Micro ?

Now let’s look at what all fits inside a micro tote bag.  

It can easily fit all of the following and more:

  • a mini pochette,
  • a big card holder,
  • your car keys,
  • and you can even fit your sunglasses in a soft case.

So, there’s lots of space and that way if you wanted to put all your daily essentials, you can still zip it up without any hassle. 

Micro Tote Bag Pricing

The price of a micro tote bag has increased, but still, it’s a really good price. It’s a lot cheaper in the US and it comes in just over 300 USD before tax and for the Aussies, it is just over 600 AUD which is way more expensive. 

Intriguingly, the micro size exemplifies the fusion of design, practicality, and accessibility within the Marc Jacobs tote bag collection. Its unique features contribute to its charm, making it a versatile accessory for various occasions. With its distinctive zipper and space-efficient design, the micro tote bag stands as a testament to Marc Jacobs’ commitment to both style and functionality.

The Marc Jacobs Mini Tote Bag

So next up is the mini size. This size even though it’s called mini it is actually not that mini. The mini tote bag has all the same features as the micro tote bag. All of them come with adjustable and removable shoulder straps. But the micro’s strap is thinner than the mini’s strap which kind of makes sense because, if the mini must carry more weight you need the strap to be a little bit thicker to distribute the weight a bit more evenly.

Features and Comparisons

Overall, It’s just a great size bag that fits a lot in there. In light of this,

  • if you’re the type of person that carries a bit more, the mini version may be better for you.
  • Plus, it’s a bit more comfortable because you can wear it on the crook of your arm more comfortably than the micro.
  • The pebbled finish of the leather makes this bag super durable.
  • You don’t have to worry about the rain catching you with this bag. It can easily be just wiped off. And something very interesting is that in terms of all the sizes, the mini size has the most colors.

What fits in the Marc Jacobs Mini ?

Ipad fits easily into the Mini Tote Bag.
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You know what already fits into the micro so if you carry more than that, it will fit all of it and more.

  • Unlike the micro, it can fit a full-size wallet with no problem at all.  

But the biggest thing I think all of you want to know is whether it fits a 13-inch MacBook and it does not. Marc Jacobs summarizes it really well as they show you what fits inside for each size.

So even if it won’t fit a 13 inch laptop, it can easily fit an iPad. And hence if you want the bag to fit a 13 inch you will need to go up to the medium size. 

Mini Tote Bag Pricing

The fact that the mini size contains the most colors overall among all the sizes is extremely intriguing. Thus, the mini tote bag became their most popular model. The mini tote bag comes at price of $395 (before tax) in the US and in Australia, at a price of 765 AUD (before tax). 

If you are here looking for an every day option, the mini and the micro are both great everyday bags. It simply depends on how much you are carrying. 

The Marc Jacobs Medium Tote Bag

Next, we’ll take a look at the medium tote bag. The medium tote bag makes for a great work bag. The only difference in the medium are that they have this feet present underneath the bag. Just take a note that the canvas  versions do not have feet, only the leather versions do. It comes in a lot of different colors in both leather and canvas.    

Features and Comparisons

Some people don’t really like the logo emblazoned on the side of these bags but on the leather version, the logo is debossed and hence not that noticeable. Otherwise, you can always just flip it around and wear it.

So, if you want a bag for work or study, it would be best to go with the medium. It doesn’t look humongous, and it looks great as a handheld. Although, It wont probably look great as a crossbody bag. 

What fits in the Marc Jacobs Medium ?

13 inch laptop fitting inside a Medium Tote Bag
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  • The Medium tote bag absolutely does fit a 13-inch laptop with no problem.
  • And also, if You wanted to use it for work and got any sort of folders, they can also be fit with not a problem.
  • Since there is plenty of room, there is no need-to-know what all can exactly fit inside here. Obviously whatever fits into the micro, fits into the mini and that into the medium and so forth.

Medium Tote Bag Pricing

The medium tote bag comes at price of $450 in the US and $870 AUD before tax in Australia.  

The Marc Jacobs Large Tote Bag

Features and Comparisons

Next is the large Marc Jacobs tote bag. Starting from the medium size, all of the larger sizes have feet underneath and all the other features are reflected equally over here.

  • A quick comparison between the large and the medium shows us that the large is definitely a shoulder bag and also it does not come with a strap. For the reason it being really big, it would also look a little bit silly with a strap.

Consequently, the handle drop over here is so long making it a wonderful shoulder bag. Although you can hold it as a handheld as well but truly it’s just a tote bag.  

  • For those seeking a more capacious option, the large Marc Jacobs tote bag provides ample space while retaining its elegant charm.
  • With feet for durability, the large size stands out as a shoulder bag, omitting the need for a strap.

Large Tote Bag Pricing

So, the leather large tote bag comes at price of $595 before tax in the US and $1150 AUD before tax in Australia. 

In summary, our guide unravels the captivating world of Marc Jacobs tote bags, offering insights into sizes, unique attributes, and price distinctions. Whether you’re after a micro tote for essentials or a large one for a day out, our exploration covers it all. From chic aesthetics to functional features, Marc Jacobs tote bags showcase a range of options for every style and occasion.

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