Grab the Stylish Tiffany Air Force 1s Now: Blue and Black Ticked Beauty

The Tiffany Air Force 1 1837 is planned to be the first collaboration between the two businesses. The upgraded features of this traditional basketball shoe include a sterling silver piece on the heel, a suede top, and a tumbled suede Swoosh in the company’s signature Tiffany Blue shade.

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On January 24, Tiffany & Co. had shocked the world by announcing a Nike Air Force 1 Low partnership. But until now, onlookers were unaware that the venerable American institution had also worked on a “Friends & Family” version of the couple. The “F&F” model of Tiffany’s Air Force 1 forgoes the nubuck used on retail versions in favor of a premium leather. Additionally, the upper features the luxury brand’s trademark Pantone 1837, which has some online users wishing they could purchase the “Friends & Family” design.

The tongue and its surrounding area are covered in starkly contrasting black, as are the emblems on the sides and top heel. The made-for-basketball sole unit underneath maintains brand consistency with its Tiffany Blue® outsole and white midsole.

Nike store with tiffany air force 1
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It’s true what they say: Nike’s Air Force 1 is once more becoming ritzy. Through an Instagram photo from the end of January that included a Tiffany Blue shoe box imprinted with the recognizable Swoosh mark — “a legendary pair,” as Tiffany is calling its new Nikes — the sportswear giant announced its upcoming collaboration with Tiffany & Co.

With special touches like the “Tiffany” cursive emblem on the tongue and a black interior made of soft leather, these Air Force 1s are a stylish and modest pair. The Tiffany Air Force 11837 pays homage to Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn) as she steps out of a taxi outside Tiffany & Co.’s Fifth Avenue flagship wearing a simple, well-fitting black dress and dazzling accessories in Blake Edwards’ Breakfast at Tiffany’s opening scene.

Price and Availability of Tiffany Air force 1

The $400 USD price tag for the Tiffany Air Force 1 is the catch, though. Sure, it wasn’t as awful as Louis Vuitton’s AF1, but it was still far worse than the typical Air Force 1. But this isn’t your typical Air Force 1. Much like the BAPESTA Line of Street wear, these collaborations are expensive and rare.

Only 1,837 pairs of the Tiffany Air Force 1 are reportedly being made, matching Tiffany’s birth year of 1837.

The Tiffany and Nike-created AF1 sneaker has officially been made public in all its splendor. A collection of sterling silver accessories, including a co-branded shoe horn, whistle, brush, and lace dubrae, will be available separately from the shoe beginning on March 7.

Even a custom Tiffany Nike shoebox made of silver is available.

Shoes like Tiffany Air Force1
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LeBron James quickly agreed to co-sign the special edition Tiffany Air Force 1 while donning a Tiffany x Nike varsity jacket that was apparently manufactured to order by Settlemier’s Jackets. While this was going on, a rumored Tiffany Air Force 1 sample hue reversed the color scheme, choosing a brighter façade and darker Swoosh.

However, opinions on the initial black Tiffany x Nike AF1 are still split. One way to look at it is that the shoe’s premium black suede top, Tiffany Blue Swoosh, and opulent silver hardware at the heel feel like Tiffany.

Others, though, had hoped for at least a little bit more glitter. Many more people also hope that the Tiffany Blue pair will be released widely (or at all). Others, though, appear content with the muted silver-tinged sneaker (or at least with the price tag still being below four figures).

The Louis Vuitton Air Force 1 and Dior Jordan 1 are two examples of Nike’s penchant for collaborating with the most prestigious luxury brands in the world to create extremely pricey limited editions.

These days, Tiffany is almost as collaborative as Nike, launching collaborations with influential thinkers like MSCHF, luxury rivals like Kim Jones’ Fendi, and cultural heavyweights like Daniel Arsham with similar panache.

Despite the fact that the “Aqua Blue” Diamond Supply Co. Dunk that was released in 2005 wasn’t truly co-signed by the renowned jeweler, this wouldn’t be the first Nike to receive the Tiffany treatment.

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