DEWBU Heated Jacket review: Best Budget Heated Jacket under $200

The DEWBU Heated Jacket with 12-Volt Battery Pack is a remarkable addition to the world of heated apparel. Offering a fusion of cutting-edge technology and practical design, this jacket is engineered to keep you warm and comfortable in cold weather conditions.

Boasting five strategically positioned heating zones, it provides customizable warmth where you need it most. What sets this jacket apart is not only its ability to deliver heat but also its adaptability to different temperature preferences, with low, medium, and high settings.

As someone who has longed for a jacket with heated pockets, I found the DEWBU heated jacket particularly intriguing. This article delves into the key features, design elements, and real-world performance of this innovative garment, offering insights into its usability and whether it’s the ideal choice for staying cozy during winter outdoor activities.

Heating Zones in DEWBU Heating Jacket

So what’s this jacket all about. Well starting off it has 5 heating zones and it has 3 different heating modes. These heating modes are of course Low, Medium and High. But what I thought was most interesting was the 5 heating zones.

It has one big heating zone on the back, two on the back of the arms and two in the pocket area. Now we all have been wanting a jacket with heated pockets for a long time and that’s why I was really interested in this DEWBU heated jacket here.

Heating Modes in DEWBU Heating Jacket

Getting back to those three heating modes:

If you have it on low, it is 110 degrees Fahrenheit and you get about eight hours of heat on this setting.

On medium it’s 125 degrees Fahrenheit and you get about six hours of heating.

and finally at the maximum heat mode, which is high, it is 140 degrees Fahrenheit and you get about four hours of heat on this setting.

Material and Comparison of Heated Jackets

Another really cool feature is this soft shell material which is both water and wind resistant which being a heated jacket, it should definitely have some sort of water resistance and DEWBU does have that. Additionally, the heating elements inside can still withstand hand or machine washing.

Now one thing I really liked about this 12-volt battery here from DEWBU that is different from other heated jackets is that it is a lot more compact, small and has a flatter design than the battery packs from the conventional Dewalt heated hoodies. The battery packs in Dewalt are pretty large and you will still have to use a DC adapter with it and all this just gets so chunky as opposed to just how nice and compact the 12-volt battery is from the DEWBU heated jacket here.

Battery and Charging of the DEWBU Heated Jacket

Now the jacket that we are checking out is the DEWBU Soft Shell Heated Jacket with 12-Volt Battery Pack, and so it did come with a 12 volt battery. This battery is 5000 mAh (milli ampere hours) and you can charge it with the included USB Type-C charging cable. And you can see the battery pack does have a digital display.

So if I hit the button provided on the jacket, It says the battery percentage, which at fully charged level displays 100. And then right next to the Power button is the USB Type-C charging port IN and the DC power OUT.

Now the battery fits into a little pocket on the inside of the jacket, and right there is the DC cable, which you can plug into the DC OUT of the battery. And then you are basically ready to go. The battery does fit very nicely in this little pocket zips in a very nice and compact fashion. This jacket also has a ton of pockets. There are two large zipper pockets by the chest, there are two back pockets, there are two small pockets on the left arm and one small pocket on the right sleeve.

Activating the Heated Jacket

Now let us go over how to activate the heat in this jacket.

On the left side of the jacket, there is a little power button that says DEWBU on the bottom. You should press and hold that button for a couple seconds and it goes right to high heating mode and then when you short press the button, you can cycle through the medium and low heating modes.

You can also note that High is RED, Medium is BLUE and Low is GREEN

To turn the heating OFF, you just have to hold the button down for a couple of seconds and that turns it right off.

Does did it keep me warm?

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On Low Heating Mode

When I wore it outside in the cold weather, I could barely tell it was on to be honest but that’s the same deal with the 20 volt Dewalt heated hoodie. Anytime it is on low mode, it is basically a waste of battery power. But where you can start to feel the heating is when it is on medium or high.

On Medium Heating Mode

The medium mode was almost perfect, just the right amount of heat especially when I had my hands in the pretty large chest pockets. The heating elements inside these large pockets felt really good. And on medium is where it starts to feel the heat right on the back side of the jacket. Although I was hoping for a little bit more on the arms, the heating element on the arms happen to be by the elbows.

It would have been much better if the heating elements were more towards the shoulder area. It tends to get really cold in the shoulder area due to this very reason. More than anything else and you can only barely even feel the heating elements on the back of the arms. But when you start moving around you can feel that the heat spreads a little bit more around the back and the arm regions.

On High Heating Mode

On high, it definitely keeps you warm in this jacket.

So honestly, I have no doubt whether it is on medium or high that this jacket will keep you warm throughout the winter time. When you working outside in this mode, you can really feel the five heating zones around this jacket. I really like the front, and chest area hitting zones that are more towards the pockets in the front.

I do like the arm heating zones but like I said I wish they were not on the back by the elbows and instead up at the shoulder area. It is also great that there is a hood, but at times I wish that the hood was detachable.

I would say that if you guys were looking at DEWBU as a company and were wondering about how good quality their heated jackets are, you won’t go wrong here. It is a solid jacket even without the heating capabilities and mix in those five heating zones, water resistance and wind resistance, this jacket is just a great product.


In conclusion, the DEWBU Soft Shell Heated Jacket with 12-Volt Battery Packs proves itself as a reliable companion for those seeking warmth in chilly conditions. With its five distinct heating zones and adjustable temperature settings, it offers a personalized heating experience. The incorporation of water and wind-resistant soft shell material enhances its functionality, ensuring you stay comfortable in various weather conditions.

While there may be minor suggestions for improvement, such as the positioning of heating elements, DEWBU has undoubtedly crafted a solid jacket that is well-suited for outdoor work or leisure activities. Whether you prioritize warmth, durability, or versatility, this heated jacket is a strong contender that combines technology and practicality seamlessly.

Whether you’re navigating snowy trails, working in frigid conditions, or simply seeking extra warmth, DEWBU’s heated jacket is poised to keep you snug and content throughout the winter season.

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